Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wind Up Doll

I'm so tense..
Not to mention tired...
But I'm still a bad bitch...

Its when you suddenly become employed and all the habits that you became used to while UNEMPLOYED suddenly stand out.
Like, the fact that it usually takes 30 minutes to get home, and today I made it back in 13-only missing 16 minutes of the Tyra show.
Cause I'm a bad bitch...

The last few days at my new place of employment I've been swamped with work. I've been in front of a computer for so long that I wonder how I bring myself to one right now to write.
I feel as if I don't have enough time on my hands. Over these next two weeks, I'll be moving in overdrive.

I need to:
Make business cards
Get my hair/nails done
buy The Significant a birthday gift 4/4/08
take care of my own birthday planning woes-4/11-4/14/08
pay Verizon
Lose weight for 4/11
not take a lunch break at work for the extra money on my check
Fix the "Zen" of my bedroom
Get my mother back from Florida
A possible NERD casting for the video for their first single
Cook everyday while my mother is on vacation IN FLORIDA

I can't even list the amount of things to be done.
I come home. Check e-mail. Possibly write a post. Eat-occasionally. Treadmill-occasionally. Talk to Nikki (my wife) and The Significant and pass out by 10:15. If you get me at 10:26 it MUST be a good night.

I am however, getting paid. The primary function NOT happening in the last 7 months.
I feel as if I'm a wind up doll though.
I'm moving at will, but simultaneously even when exhausted I'm just going, going, going....

Hopefully a better post from me REAL soon..

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LBIC said...

Sorry to hear about all the stress. Hopefully you find a rhythm to the madness and find time to do all the things you have to do.