Saturday, April 5, 2008

No Love In This Club

That my friends, as reported first by Pristina Christina, is the 30-second snippet of Usher's new video "Love In This Club"
Now aside from everyone walking around telling me that they're going to "bag me like some groceries" there is MORE than enough hype for this track.
I've been molested by some random male individual every time this track seems to come on..
There was NO love in that club though apparently.

Hot97 has reported that Tameeka Foster, wife of Usher FLIPPED out on set that the starring lady role was being played by fine as hell, Keri Hilson. Now, the singer/songwriter/Timbaland crew member is doing some obviously suggestive acts in the video as the title entails. Hot97 says that Tameeka flipped out wildly; She apparently flipped on Usher, the director and Hilson. Tameeka was on set as the stylist/make-up artist but we all know that she's not the prettiest flower in the garden.

Well, she doesn't look like she belongs in the garden...period...

People are also saying she was so upset by the fake chemistry between Usher and Hilson that she stormed off set crying...

I would too..
If I looked like Shrek standing next to Keri Hilson...

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