Friday, April 11, 2008

Cranking The Feedback

I just want to give a quickie shout out to those who read/love/listen/support and use the damn PLUGOO widget-like Niecey who NICELY let me know last night that my blog was being enjoyed. "When you hear some feedback, keep going take it higher"

Just that LITTLE bit, makes you want to keep going twice, if not three times as hard. A lot of blogs I dig through, websites, ANTM etc. and I watch the way people take-feedback. Feedback is devised into several different mini facets but its up to receiver to decipher whats truly genuine feedback versus genuine hatred.

I know the difference.
So readers, "Crank it up give it to me, come on"


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

ahh nothing to give girl:)

I've never heard of this widget your talking about, i'm so behind in that world!

chic noir said...

I am just like jen, I haven't heard of tis widget either.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

Still here and still enjoying your blog.