Monday, April 21, 2008

The Inspiration

According to my BFF, only gangsters tattoo their hands and faces....

Ironically, as I step into the tattoo parlor on Saturday night, with the vision of tattooing my hand and wrist, not only is this magazine on the chair that I was getting ready to sit on, but also Lil Wayne was performing on the one television in the room. My friends called it a true sign, so naturally, I went through with it.

In such a rough week, some how I saw it fit to release so much pain through experiencing pain.
My work and love life situation have been dually stressful during the week that I thought would be the most stress free! My birthday week! The complete opposite has occurred and they are still, though less intense, spilling over into the now.
My hand definitely was one of the HOTTER sensations I've felt in this life. Doing my hip was somehow, seemingly easier than doing my hand...

I guess I'm truly hood now, huh..

1 comment:

bffnigg said...

so i let her lick the rappperrrr

youre a sick. fuck. even tho it came out hott =)...courtesy of my xanex needing lovely tattooerrman.

"JUST KIDDING." *waves like eric