Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jesikah Maximus Inspires Discipline

In many recent posts about Jesikah Maximus, she's been a real inspiration to get my waist back to the 26 inches it was at, vs. my 40' inch hip. After a two week vacation, you definitely amongst friends put a lot of CRAP in your mouth....
I've gained about 16 pounds, so especially the lower half of my body has become even heavier, as my hip is now at 43 inches...but if one expands, as must the other, and my waist is not 26 inches anymore. I keep trying to KEEP the focus on the weight loss, and even if not weight loss, then toning.
Baconators from Wendys are approximately 1680 calories...and having Wendys/Mcdonalds/Taco Bell EVERYDAY for over two weeks certainly does not aid anyone in such a quest.
Jesikah Maximus (finally, cause she's very slow about this...) posted new photos the day before yesterday.

Staring and sighing, I'm going to try to make a comittment to myself to get the waist -1.5 inches by Labor day. Labor day is 2 weeks from now. If I eliminate all the crap (i.e. fast food and reduce my excessive, excessive alcohol abuse) and start a strict Tae-Bo regimen I DO believe its quite possible to drop an inch and a half in two weeks.

It's all about discipline...

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