Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vacation Is All I Ever Wanted

I'll admit it,
I'm stuck.
I'm not sad, being said that's not the reason I'm coming into a writers block. Maybe, it just might be this vacation. I wrote a post regarding a piece of fan mail, from Niecey and other fans suggesting the same views as her..
That this just isn't the same New Jack they know, and maybe its true.
I have a two week vacation from my job that ends on 8/15/2008. Within the time frame, my major goals while relaxing were to flood this blog with posts.

I've only managed to write one.

I wish I could say it was because of stress, but it's been the EXACT opposite.
I've been studying The Secret by Rhonda Bryne, and learning about manifestation of your dreams. Thus far, in the time away from work, I've come so much into zen that I'm not sure WHAT to do with myself.

I've been eating considerably better
But abusing alcohol with friends
Watching cartoons with my younger brother
Living at the beach
Discovered a love for One Tree Hill and ABC's WipeOut
Spending quality time with those I need to be with
Listening to The Secret
Learning to manifest
And trying to hone in on my focuses for life beginning with this blog site.

Sometimes I realize that I might have semi-started this blog in the wrong fashion; a lot of it was stress induced. My life is still action packed, but it shouldn't be solely about times of despair when there is so much good going on.
This vacation is making me realize so much good that I happen to over look in my life. The time to clear my mind is making me re-focus so well.
Advice to everyone: If you can't leave the country, then fine, don't but head to the nearest beach even if its JUST you and grab some headphones and lay out. The best mediation in the world.
I'm trying to take as much advantage of this time as possible...September is three weeks away, and if you look at H&M all their Fall clothing is already on display.

I've done a lot of HTML research for this site in my time off. I've also researched more important things, like my health. I suffer from so, so many ailments and looking at me no one would even guess. In recent stress from my job, and not having the time to think clearly, and getting worked up over ridiculous things, I've blazed blog posts about everything. It seems when in despair, my fingers are on fire from typing. I feel like after what will be a great vacation, that I'll be able to turn that around.

No more typing just out of despair...
Maybe a little vacation was all I ever needed...

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BouRne4ThiS said...

Just a thought: ever think about creating a new blog spot. Maybe one that is more focused on a particular subject of interest(i.e. relationships, men,etc.)...perhaps something a little less personal. You know....people change, people grow, outgrow, reach turning points... Maybe that's your deal, maybe it's not. I mean you're just amazing, maybe just need some new material, something that excites you enough to write about [perhaps extensively] so we can all resume our enjoyment of your thoughts and writing skills. Or, or, or maybe you just really needed that vacation afterall. lol.

In any case, I remember reading somewhere once that: your writing begins to change when your audience changes. If you're writing for you and you alone, it will differ considerably from you writing for "the masses". But I am sure you are aware of that. Whatever the deal, you still rock!!!!!!!