Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bust It Baby of the Month-August 2008-Milani Rose

This month's Bust It Baby definitely just gave Jesikah Maximus a run for her money...
She just snatched up KING magazine's web girl of the year award for 2008. Not as much as the rump shaker as last month's, Cubana Lust, but still eye candy worthy all the same.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Milani Rose

2008 KING Magazine Web Girl of the Year

You might remember this photo:

That's Milani on the end in Yellow, with Jesikah on the other end in blue. She is currently in Day 26's most recent video "Since You've Been Gone". She's featured at then end in the pool with band member Mike poolside. That's not the only video, in contrast to Cubana Lust, she's more commercial and is featured in a BET Soca commercial and in hair magazines.
You can visit her Myspace for more information, and stay tuned for her KING magazine shoot.

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