Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Take You There-Donnie Klang

I know this one has been awaited for a long time...

Since Making The Band 4 opened, lots of fans have been waiting on JUST Donnie Klang's single to drop on the radio and to get a video. People were already speculating if anything was ever going to be released seeing that Diddy was doing a lot more main focus on Danity Kane's "Welcome To The Dollhouse" and Day 26's self-titled album, both of which debuted at number one.

Apparently, Diddy has finally taken the time out to create a video for Donnie's first single, "Take You There"...very Justin Timberlake-esque.

Also, a cute ANTM (America's Next Top Model) segway, Eugena from Cycle 7 (winner Caridee) is in the video!

If you watch the last 30-seconds of the video carefully, the Black girl that Donnie is in bed with is Eugena!
Break out the whip cream...

Donnie Klang

"Take You There"

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