Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Possible Domestication of a New Jack

Its that time again...

Its becoming mid-november and im starting to ponder all the 2009 possibilities. This time last year I was in heavy review of the disaster I referred to as 2007..
Yeah disaster was most certainly the term..

Right now im writing from a school gym in Harlem that I arrived to around 9am. Im watching The Significant train his kids for little league which in the winter is referred to as "clinic".
I'm realizing maybe the New Jack needs to get a little bit more domesticated...

Watching a little boy cry and realizig that i wouldnt know what the bloody hell to do with him frightens me immensely. The Significant and 2 other guys relatively 25-26years old immediately went into damage control knowing just what to do and say to a 8year old who was crying to rebuild his confidence.

And it hir me...What the fuck would I do?

I mean its almost humorous..almost. I can't communicate with children older than the age that enables them to tell me "no". Likewise i cant communicate with children young enough to do sole crying either. I know how to cook and very well but only feel to do so when utmost necessary.
I hate to clean..
and I don't do dogs.
I refuse to potty train an animal let alone a human and some people fail to understand that some are not naturally nuturing.
Just because i have a vagina doesn't mean that I just loooove babies.
But I don't hate them either...
(My BFF Linette is convinced that's the case..)

I think 2009 might just be the year of domesticating the New Jack. I'm afraid of babies, but I do however want to get married as soon as tomorrow. Maybe, I have to force myself them. I have to open the door to all these things I fear..children and dogs especially, in order to ever get married it seems.

Honestly though, if you have to force yourself into something, then isn't it just plain WRONG?

So how exactly does one become a Stepford Wife?

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bffniggahoe said...

if you dont pop out at LEAST 3 kids by the time youre like 35, were gonna have problems..our kids have to grow together, marry, paint bob ross pictures, smoke together and become bffs. period. k thanks