Thursday, November 13, 2008


Some times..I wonder when I go to work if slavery is truly over.

I mean, Im not trying to sound callous but assessing the situation of what myself and my co-workers have to endure called "workload" I truly sit back and contemplate what are the chances that slavery truly isn't over.

Sometimes I hear, "Oh it's only because you're a baby amd this is your first big time job..thats why you see it that way"
But then i realize....
that the people who school me with that line usually have:

  • ulcers
  • heart problems
  • have had or are about to have a stroke
  • or are on the express subway train to an aneyurism.
Go fucking figure. I mean if this is the case then black, white, puerto rican and asian why don't corporations just shackle us and whip us instead of pretending that the situation is something it isnt?
It certainly doesnt feel like im NOT a why front??

I'm exhausted and more than that I'm fed up because this is NOT my dream in life. This makes it all the worse when i feel like a chicken in a coop..or maybe worse im starting to feel like a calfe in a cage.

How nice.
Ironically, what comes on the radio as I write?
Big Pun "Its So Hard".
Goddamn right it is. I'm so terrified that THIS just might be my life that the dream may not ever happen.
And THATS the part that's so hard.....

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