Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Jack Update: Office Space

I have to say...I'm not thrilled, but then again, what else is new?

In Long Island, it's approximately 11:11AM and there's approximately 3 inches of snow on the ground already.
Mind you, I was unaware that any such snowfall would come about today..and it's not stopping.
This past week at my "place of employment" has been rough to say the very, very, very least. Let me whisper that information, as apparently employees are not allowed to express themselves outside of work I'm actually though more focused on how rough it was for those surrounding me not so much myself...layoffs.
There's been a significant amount of turmoil in house and the report is its only going to continue...I'm already getting slightly re-flustered with the work load which as of tomorrow it's going to skyrocket. Seriously.
I'm going from handling only ONE marketing plan, to roughly 30-35. In all seriousness. On top of juggling that, I still have regular maintance and clerical duties to keep the smaller stuff for the "team" functioning. I'm truly not sure as to when all the hours in the day are suddenly going to arise for this..and I can tell anyone I'm truly, truly not looking forward to any of the above.

This entire week has been somber and miserable. So many surrounding me have incurred deaths in the family as if the current wipeout situation wasn't bad enough. All in all it makes it hard to concentrate on the staggering work load itself.

Very hard.

I often find myself with horrible headaches, "brain farts" (a very prominent symptom of my Hashimotos), and very easily confused to say the very least. I'm not sure exactly, and I'm not very confident as to how I'm going to function this coming week and the arduous weeks to follow....

I'm not sure if anyone besides me realizes how small a cubicle truly feels when its stacked with towers of paperwork...

News regarding the return of The Significant later...

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