Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tyra Mail! Interview Me

I'm posting these for my own reference...
Yet, simultaneously, in this time of recession every one needs this information...

I'm trying my very best to stop complaining about my job scenario, and truly DO something about it. I was looking for tickets to the Tyra Show for my 23rd birthday (4/14/09) ,and came across this slew of work related advice that I certainly am in need of. I somewhat have the plan layed out...
I just need to actually buckle down and fully execute it..because, I'm truly fed up and unhappy and that's not what your life is supposed to be about when that's the place you spend the most time at during a week.
I've found a slew of articles from them, that I'm going to post 2 of per week.
Starting with interview tips....

"Do's and don't to leave a lasting impression.

You got the interview! The hard part is over, now all that's left to do is land that job. We think you're fabulous and fun, but even the best of us cramp up before an interview. Just take a deep breath and follow a few of our do's and don'ts and you'll be headed straight to the office come Monday.

Do: your research. Sometimes it might be the company you're really interested in and sometimes it's just the position -- either way, study up on what you'd be doing and where. The fastest way to look foolish in an interview is to be clueless about the position.
Don't: over-rehearse your answers. It's good to be knowledgeable about the place you're interviewing, but you don't need to rattle off the company mission statement to appear qualified. It'll just look like you've memorized the website, not that you can actually do the job.

Do: greet your interviewer by his or her title and last name (Mrs. Smith.) This is important because then it shows you've listened to all the facts about your interview. If you don't know how to pronounce the person's last name, ask the receptionist.
Don't: attempt to pronounce the person's name without checking if you're unsure. It looks much better if you cared to check rather than if you just went ahead and said whatever you thought. Also, no matter how informal the environment seems, don't call the person by their first name until instructed. If it is that casual, we're sure he or she will say, "oh just call me Jane."

Do: be positive and upbeat. It's okay to be borderline bubbly as long as you know what you're talking about. There is a curve when it comes to interviews, you're human and there's going to be a bit of nerves when it comes to these things. As long as you stay cheerful and intelligent it'll get you places.
Don't: be too aggressive. It's good to show enthusiasm, but being too intense is off-putting. Also, avoid talking negatively about your most recent employer. Of course, if asked, you can explain what is unsatisfying about that job, but don't go in to detail about your last boss who was "such a jerk." Touching controversial areas can potentially make you look like a hard to handle employee."

{source, bitches}

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