Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tyra Mail! How to Succeed at Work

" Take charge!

how_to_succeed_at_work.jpgEven if you are generally okay with your job, the only way to get higher and higher up on the career ladder is to get rid of negative vibes. Start by thinking positive and you'll be climbing the corporate ladder faster than you can say "have a good day." Here are our tricks for succeeding at work.

Bend the Rules
Sometimes you need to skip protocol to move forward with something that could be your stroke of genius. If you have a killer idea, start planning it and maybe skip the discussion session your boss usually likes to have with you. If this is your moment of brilliance, no one will even notice. If not, at least your boss will respect the go-getter in you.

Take it Easy
Instead of sitting at your desk, stewing relentlessly over a screw-up, face the problem head on. Take a second and think about what damage control you can do. Creating a plan will get you out of panic mode and on to clean up duty.

It's Not You
When you get slighted at work, you know in your right mind that it's work -- and people are focused and not always considering your feelings. But that doesn't always stop you from taking it personally. If you develop a thick skin about work, it will keep you focused on what you're there to do -- work.

Respect Yourself

That being said about developing a thick skin, it's also important to develop one in order to stand up for what you want. When you feel you work has clearly shown you deserve a raise, get in there and fight for one! Don't worry about coming across like the diva.

Hang Back

Just because once in a few months you'll have no problem offering some extra time to your job doesn't mean you should volunteer every week. You look plenty committed as long as you never leave with the day's work unfinished and if your boss is in a bind, step up sometimes. But if your job begins to take away too much from the rest of your life, you'll begin to resent it and slide downhill. "

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