Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Jack Update: Report Signature Masonic Sandal

Can...I...just have ONE moment of happiness?
...Just ONE....

I've been watching these shoes since at least, July 2008 when both Marleux and Nicole Bitchie first starting posting photos of Meagan Good in these sandals. At that time, I was trying to be a good egg and pay bills, etc.

As per Nicole Bitchie with the help of Marleux, the sandals were on SALE on

And I just purchased them and I'm going to be the friggin proud owner as of Friday of this week.
You know who would appreciate these....Pristina Christina....Yep.

Summer '09 CANNOT come fast enough baby!

1 comment:

Marleaux said...

Yeah, I LOVE Report Signature shoes. Glad you’ll be getting enjoyment from them. Those are a lil too high for me. I know you’ll look hot in them though. :)