Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tyra Mail! How to Fall in Love with Your Job

" Even if you don't have your dream job.

fall_in_love_with_work.jpgWhile you might never skip your way to work, you can definitely learn to make it through the day without staring at the clock until it finally hits the blessed 5 PM mark. Even if you're only in a "pays the bills" position, make the best of it and learn to love your job for the time you spend there.

Focus on the "Can Do"
Maybe your current job doesn't call for a lot of creativity, but one day you're asked to construct an Evite for the office bowling outing -- and suddenly you've got a tiny window to showcase you're writing talents. Make it work for you! Take on all the chances you can get to pen the company headlines and memos. Finding ways to exercise your skills will not only make your days bearable, but it also might lead you on a path toward your permanent career.

Become BFF's

We all know that everything is better in groups. Perhaps your daily tasks are ho-hum, but your cube area is packed with characters worthy of Dundler-Mifflin. Making connections to people will at least let you dish gossip as you push pencils.

Keep on Top of It
While you're working for the man, there is no harm in perusing the job boards for your dream job. We're not saying that you should pine over what you aren't currently achieving -- just use your current position to hone in on the requirements these jobs call for and straighten up your skills. You might want to avoid doing this at your current job, though -- if they catch wind of this, they might think you're ready to move on right now."