Monday, July 6, 2009

600 Deep

It's almost not surprising to me, that my 600th post in The New Jack happened to be about my love for Alexander McQueen. This man's designs never ever fail to satisfy me. I want this Alexander McQueen Pelle Leather Sandal........$1,159.

{Image: Trend Dolls}

{Image: Rihanna Style}

I can't help but to find it humorous. I'm not even sure how 600 posts happened so quickly. I've put so much of my life out there and going backwards through 600 posts it almost seems like a total blur. Despite that, and despite other opinions, I feel as if I'm aging like fine wine. If you open the beginning back in 2007 and see where I've dragged, fought and crawled to in the year 2009 I've been moving. Maybe not as quickly as other alumni counterparts from our graduation point in 2007, but I'm moving regardless. Now, that I'm truly getting over having Watchmen syndrome, I know that only better things are in store for me.

After all, in most cases if you want something done you have to do it yourself. These 600 posts are something I've done all on my own, and to me that's something worth celebrating.
And one day, these writings will be the reason why I'll be able to buy Alexander McQueen boots on the fly.......

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Po said...

Congrats homie.. Keep up the good work...