Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Jack Update: To Serve and Protect

Police officers I find, that half of them are not as bad as their counterparts have made them out to look. Minus the ones who are entangled in drugs, money, racial abuse and more, there is more than a handful of officers who actually want to do the right thing. There is more than a handful that want to uphold the idea of being their title-a police officer, and help out the general population.

When you look at most emblems that involve the United States, especially troops and armed forces the slogan that conicides is "to serve and protect". Unfortunately, I find myself getting close to not a lot, but particular individuals that I feel may need my assistance. I want to "serve and protect" them so to speak. I want to serve in the sense of, if they need my assistance, I'll drop anything to give it to them. I see them on such a negative pathway in life and as someone who cares for them, I'm willing to serve. Willing to dote upon them, willing to take their hand, willing to instruct, willing to explain. With all my friends however, I'm always willing to protect. I love my friends so very much. I'm not going to allow them to go through any pain I may have already suffered from if there is some way I can possibly prevent it. This action sometimes paints me as a refferee. I'm always jumping into something, waving red flags, yellow flags or green flags. I do this not because at any point I have's just out of the sincerity of my heart.
The sincerity of my heart. I'm not sure if many are familiar with what that is.

I've put on blast all the "serve and protect" issues I've gone through with The Significant, here, in writing. He can be a very misguided individual, but I CARE enough to not just let go of someone's hand if they're dangling off the side of the Empire State Building. I've put only some of it in writing, because it's become common verbal knowledge that I've tried to "serve and protect" with a woman that used to be very close within this circle. Despite her near obsence lack of care for her self as a sexual being, and heavy levels of insecurity that have led to her purposely becoming a backstabber on so many levels...I still held her hand. I had faith that she could ...realize what she's doing to herself as well as us, her friends and...stop. I had another friend that was very close the group long ago, Gizzmo. Entangled in drugs, men, you name it. I NEVER wanted to let go of her hand, despite that she's hurt me probably the worst that any human has. There comes a point however, when you're holding someone's hand off the side of that building and in their desperate attempt to commit suicide, they hit you with something hard enough to stun you and make you accidentally let go and watch them fall to their death.

So in response to the quote: "
Niggas wanna police your shit, but go ahead and do them, fuck outta here, I'm not that nigga."

I apologize. Don me "Officer Ricky" if that makes you feel better. Your friend seems to think I'm a negative bitch as well, tell him you both can call me that and chuckle if need be. I apologize for caring. I apologize for wanting to hold your hand while you insist on putting yourself in avoidable situations that you don't have to dangle off the side of the building. I'm sorry that I see so much potential in you, but you've insisted upon letting your upbringing and surroundings stuff you into a box of negativity, anger and incessant hatred. I'm sorry that I was the one rooting for you, and tried to stop you from losing the girl you did want, as I watched her fall like sand through your fingers I tried to be that metal gate that slid in and prevented her from sliding any further away from you. I apologize for wanting to do nothing but "serve and protect" YOU. You have the potential to be such a good man, despite your upbringing, despite the hood you're in..I held your hand because I saw a spark.

I saw a light.
But this is sometimes the role that some officers and troops have to play. When you fail at saving the civilian, they tell you your job was "to serve and protect". You don't get a thank you for your efforts, not that as an officer you NEED to hear one, but everyone is quick to point out that you let the civilian fall off that building.

However, you dust your uniform off, put back on your hat and badges...and continue to serve and protect.

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