Friday, July 17, 2009

New Jack Update: Rockin Robin

Tweet this and tweet that..

I realize more and more how much I could truly be in need of break. I'm extremely aggravated with a great multitude of my friends. I'm annoyed with Twitter and how it has been used as tool against one another and has replaced forms of basic communication, and how people think it suffices as a way to apologize.

I've downgraded my tweets so much after a fit full of drama that happened over last weekend, spilling into the beginning of this week. Sadly, I had to address both issues in the writings of Brand New and To Serve and Protect. I think that what saddens me the most, is that not only did it come out in full force that my writings were STILL not understood to the depth in which they were written, but even other people mixed themselves into the mess when they weren't needed and remained unapologetic for it.

I am feeling day at a such a short span of time, I've realized how immature, selfish, pride-filled, unapologetic, careless and plain ridiculous some of the friends I have truly are. I am on my pathway to doing something brand new as I've already signed up to volunteer to make birthday surprise baskets for terminally ill children and I'm not tooting my own horn, I'm just focused on my own progress. The day before yesterday, I had the worst blog page views I've ever had, since my skyrocket. It was almost as if I was just starting out again. And I'm realizing, as much as that was like a knife to my heart...maybe that's the key.

Maybe the key is, letting a few friends of mine sit in "time out" and letting them fall to complete rock bottom so that they themselves can awake and realize it's time to do something brand new. Maybe it was necessary for me to hit rock bottom with the page views, to just decide to really teach myself one step at a time how to make my own layout and do all I need to do with The New Jack.

Instead of Rockin Robin, and staying on Twitter and tweet, tweet, tweeting maybe the key is work, work, working......
I mean, after all that's already occured, I've very much proven that I'm one of the good eggs in the nest.

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