Thursday, October 18, 2007

An Expense Report

After a far from fabulous conversation with the significant other last night, I went to sleep and was awoken to the call of creditors beginning around 8:15am like they usually do. It's just that after that particular conversation, I was extremely exhausted and would have loved to sleep until noon when the Tyra show comes on....
Naturally, the plans went awry...

Because of the creditors, I felt I needed to devise the most recent of my woes in an expense report, so that when I explain to people that I have NO money, they can truly get a grasp.

  1. Palmer and Palmer fine: $125.00
  2. Broken cell phone, replacement due to no insurance: $200.00
  3. Court fine: **to be issued**
  4. Oneonta alumni visit: beginning at $20.00 and subject to change increasingly
  5. Money being held at my house for a drugdealer/friend: $30.00
  6. Money owed to SUNY Oneonta for my degree release: $1,678.00
  7. Money for J for a clothes hook-up: $45.00 (alloy order)
  8. LIRR ticket and travel expense to get to court on 10/29: minimum of $36.00 (ticket,metrocard, cab to&from deer park station)
  9. Possible LIRR travel to Brooklyn, friday night 10/19 for Oneonta trip: minimum: $14.00
  10. Halloween with my friends=cover charges for clubs, especially Webster "Hell": **to be issued**
  11. LIRR for Halloween: beginning at $25.00 (subject to SERIOUS increase)
  12. Car insurance renewal (expired 10/3 preventing me from getting any Temp work): beginning at: $200.00 (plates, inspection, actual registration with Allstate)
These are just the basics that are running around my brain, of course there are things here that are very much more important than others and that can be sacrificed..

Current Reserves:

  • Wamu checking acct balance: $1.03
  • On hand cash balance: $4.00
In other stunning news, quick updates on the conversation from last night.
It turns out that he has confirmed being shot and fabulously it has nothing to do with: 1. drugs and 2. money; Also, it has been confirmed that there are no illegitimate children lurking around. He has been jailed twice, it has been confirmed, for two issues I wont repeat. This was all confirmed via argumentation around 1-2am. Favorite quotes: "You're making a big deal out of nothing"; "If no longer want to date this hypocrite then that's fine"; "Of course I didn't want to tell you that I've been jailed before"; "This is fucking bullshit".

I have decided that I'm not calling or texting after ...that. I'm going to Oneonta this weekend on the money that is on my dresser that belongs to the drugdealer **$30.00. Then I will have to worry about how to replace the money....
I just want to point out that after being unemployed for too lengthy of a time, everything rises up against you..Things were fairly decent when I was temping for $14/hr on Long Island. The issue is that with no car, you can't get to work; with no work, you dont get paid; with no pay, the expenses deplete your reserves.

Ok!! So far, this is my bright cheery Thursday morning! It's not 10 am yet! Let's get some food-which isn't in this house, and hope that the day only gets BETTER from here!

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