Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In the line of duty

I must say that I've always tried to reason with people, but FUCK the police. They ALL are assholes, and only act the way they do because we live in a society that holds them in high esteem. They can all go fuck themselves, I have NO respect for any of them and if I could spit in ones face Pumpkin vs. New York style, I totally fucking would.

Let's assess my anger in pieces:

Court Review: On October 1st, 2007 I was arrested with a friend, for a misdemeanor. OUR court date was yesterday, the 29th of October. I arrived before my friend, and handed in my DAT (Desk Appearance Ticket) before her as well. SOMEHOW to the justice system, it was CORRECT that she not only received a lawyer before me, as well as saw the Judge before me but received LESSER CHARGES.
I, the person with absolutely NO record, not even a traffic violation somehow:
  • got a lawyer AFTER my friend
  • saw the judge AFTER my friend
  • got the worse of the 2 lawyers
  • was issued one day of community service-November 1st, from 7am-3pm doing sanitation
  • one year probation
  • Fine: $125
  • Mandatory sir charge: $95
The friend, only received: One day community service to be served around November 21st.
So, reviewing that information, am I incorrect to say that our justice system is...fucked up? I explicitly explained to my lawyer that not only am I UNEMPLOYED, I have already been issued a fine of $125 and I'm now being issued a secondary fine of $95. I also tried to comprehend that for the SAME crime, done at the SAME time, at the SAME place, in which both individuals were arrested TOGETHER, received the SAME DAT, for the SAME court date/time/location, somehow, I'm getting very unequal treatment. Are you confused yet?...I most certainly am. I was then instructed to SIGN paperwork that an officer would not let me read before hand. We got into a fight, and I was threatened. I was told I was allowed to appeal within the next 30days, 10 minutes later of thinking about it I told the lawyer and officer I want an appeal NOW. I was denied on their quote is "Your lawyer did the best he could do, theres nothing left to discuss and you're making this a bigger matter than it is. Sign the paperwork if you know what's good for you."
So again, FUCK THE FAGGOT ASS POLICE. Just so no one thinks I'm lashing out unnecessarily.

Friday review: After getting my friend Tk an interview with one of my staffing agencies, in which I "temped" at last week as the receptionist, I was verbally attacked by a white man in Herald Square. I'm not sure if I detailed this scenario via the last entry. Out of ALL the people standing on the corner, talking, exiting the BDFVQNR train station, smoking cigarettes; a white man approached ME and starts screaming at me. Requesting that I, the "black bitch" kindly "shut the fuck up cause no one cares what you have to say". Quite CONFUSED and startled as Tk immediately tries to get me to "hush". I question the "gentleman" as to why he felt the need out of everyone in Herald Square to be at odds with me. He was on his cigarette break, and neither myself of Tk smoke and were "dying" of the secondhand and neither of us SAID anything to him about it. I pointed that mere fact out to him and was responded to with, "So why don't you fucking move then". Because of this my dear, this is New York, worse so Manhattan. The same way he was killing off people with his cigarette and no one can tell him to move, is the same way me standing and talking to a friend I shouldn't be forced to move.

The conversation continued, with lots of profanity, me being referred to as a cunt, desires and wishes by him that I get fired, me calling him a fucking asshole and him following me back towards my temp job cursing at me the entire way.
I then returned to the office, after my swell 2-hour interview with Weight Watchers to see the Vice President of the agency that I dislike heavily, attempt to cut my check by reducing the actual hours I worked in efforts to express her own dislike for me. After a brief and curt session of me putting the VP in her place, my time sheet was corrected to the 37 that I worked while being treated like poo for the duration of that week. No shock and surprise I haven't been called back for Tuesday through Friday of this week huh?

I'm really and truly tired of living a non-positive life. I attempt very hard to make it positive, and only negative things, people, incidents come my way. I'm starting to feel not destined for greatness as I once believed but more destined for doom....

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