Sunday, October 28, 2007

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"This here's a classic, just like a pair of Reeboks"-Yung Joc

"..with the spirit of a hustler, and the swagger of a college kid.."- T.I.

Cultural, personal theory-filled, snark, Shakespearean and musical, The New Jack is a compliation blog of all the new happenings in LIFE, art, MUSIC, LOVE, pop-culture, celebrities and most importantly, a real-life twenty-somethingu>, The New Jack, herself.

In October of 2007, The New Jack was founded by author Deidre Henry, graduate of SUNY College at Oneonta. Fresh out of college, fresh into trouble and unemployed, while not having a job, the author created her own. It was while in desperate search for a job within the Record Industry, she discovered how to turn her passion as a songwriter into writing about her own life as well as the masses. "I realized that after thinking I knew everything after college, that absolutely everything was new to me...From Kingston, Jamaica to Brooklyn and to Long Island, no matter what I'm always 'The New Jack' on the block".

Truly coming about in the understanding that, "You can pay for school, but you can't buy class"(Jay-Z), The New Jack is expanding her horizons as well as yours one entry post at a time. So on that note, "Let's get these teen hearts beating; Faster, faster!"(Panic! At the Disco). Shall We?

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