Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hide and Seek

This is gonna be my first entry in this thing...but we'll address that and intros at another time, I have steam to blow off..

I'm a very observant person and I can be very analytical, and as a child I knew very early that I never took a liking to the game "hide n seek" because of my poor hiding skills, and constant losing destroying my small 6yr old confidence. When children take note of things they don't like, it's not always that we grow to like these things as adults. I still do not take a liking to this game and I'm playing it....

Series of questions:
  • when did you get shot?
  • for what reason were you shot?
  • how long were you hospitalized, and where did you get shot?
  • have you ever gotten anyone pregnant? if so, was it aborted?
  • do you currently have any children?
  • are there children that you believe you may not know about?
  • have you ever been imprisoned?
  • if so, what for and how long?
  • are there any other skeletons that you possess that you would like to come forward about?
If you could please ask these questions to your significant other, that would be great. That's if you don't ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS, AS YOU SHOULD IF YOU'RE DATING SOMEONE..
well, mine is hiding the answers to these questions. They're being answered in an extremely fragmented manner in which, I'm not about picking up pieces when I want immediate answers. I'm not sure what to think. I was so unbelievably angry, and so infuriated that, an eerie wave of calm washed over me. That's definitely how you know its really bad.
How does someone, just randomly insert in conversation that they were shot and continue the conversation? How does someone flip on you about getting arrested and then two weeks later confess that they too have been arrested, and to add more than once?

I'm not about hypocrisy. I'm not about running either, because I was never particularly talented in sports. My significant other runs from problems, and from the truth.
He's been shot. Don't ask me where or how, cause I wouldn't be able to tell you.
He's been to jail, I'm not entirely sure what for or for the duration; I know about 2 incidents that were kind of briefed to me and I'm assuming those are what for. Those came up randomly in conversation as well.

It comes down to it with everyone and their mother asking me, "Is it worth it?"...guys, I wish I could answer you, but I'm so exhausted from this relationship,
that I don't have anything much left to say.......

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