Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Jack Update: 4:37 PM

At 4:37 PM yesterday, on 4/14/09, I became 23 years old...officially.

4:37 PM is the time of birth listed on my birth certificate from Jamaica. I definitely stole my DJ's glasses for the above photo-DJ Ma$e. The second photo is definitely me, mid-"dutty wine"...yeah...

I had my birthday party on a bus, very "Ciroc Obama" status. The bus came equipped with a pole, plasma TV & an actual bathroom, which pleased me beyond ends. I put up about 14 bottles on the bus with donations from others who came on to the bus and had a grand total close to 30 people.

As I look at being age 23, the number instills a slight degree of fear as I do associate it with old age. I think of that 5 years ago at age 18, when I thought of the age 23 I saw myself in a totally different place. A more happier and successful place. I saw myself actually at least in the true pathways to doing what I really doing what I want to do, as opposed to my current status being not remotely in the zone of doing anything that has to do with even the essence of my being.

I'm a little stressed.
I'm a little content.
All simultaneously.

I feel a degree classier and I feel in the last year, I've learned way much more than I even bargained for especially in the working world.

Maybe 23 won't be nearly as horrific as I have been dreading it will be...
I feel the cougar in me coming out.......

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