Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nina Sky Update: On Some Bullshit

I have to say...

When Nina Sky first dropped, I absolutely despised them. I couldn't tell the difference between the two twins, their "reggae" driven clothing style as the only genre of clothes they owned STRESSED ME and they had no versatillity whatsoever.

Needless to say, I quickly dismissed them in my mind even though EVERYONE in my high school was dancing around me singing "Oye Mi Canto", further raising my blood pressure.

Nina Sky
however has now won my affection. They have a totally, totally different look that I absolutely ADORE. I love that there is an actual difference between them, but the hair color thing makes me think of the reggae group "Brick & Lace". Their SOUND is way more appetizing to me. Their first single off the new album, "Musical" was titled 'Curtain Call' and features Rick Ross and it was something that no one understood and was blaring out of my car speakers driving to the beach all of summer '08. Now, this new song 'On Some Bullshit' is only being played by New York's, Hot 97-mainly by DJ Enuff but still has me just as hooked.
Two good songs. An actual REAL style. I might be actually purchasing this album via Itunes when it drops...

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bee to the effin eff said...

i loveee these 2 girls. ive heard this song on the radio 90x and didnt realize it was them haha but i was always down with the nigglets, even w. the red gold & green era that made u grow gray hairs lmaoooo