Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Jack Update: HA HA HEE HEE HAHA HO

I'm so stressed out....

It seems like I'm working with no lights at the end of the tunnel...or it seems like the tunnel isn't ending either..

There's so much happening that I feel like my monetary is getting worse, my work load is getting worse & the things that are happening to me are just adding up..

It's funny that a friend said to me on Twitter "Muslims across America are laughing at everyone"..in regards to the SwineFlu epidemic. I responded to him by saying: "lmao about Muslims laughin at our piggy loving asses..straight up Britney HA HA HEE HEE HAHA HO"

First, we had MadCow disease and now, it's the SwineFlu....

With all I'm going through lately especially at work...I almost wish someone would beam a pig into my lap....

"Haha heehee haha ho"

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