Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paradiso Girls Update: Patron Tequila

Anyone remember "PCD Presents: Search for the Next Doll"?
....remember, Chelsea Korka...

Or Asia Nitollano, my favorite?
Or more importantly the stiffness of Robin Antin's face..
She apparently has put together a new girl group...cause of course, we all somehow didn't see Girlicious as being a Grammy-winning group....

The new group is called Paradiso Girls...made in typical Antin-fashion, very PCD-esque.
I have to admit, I'm enjoying this debut single "Patron Tequila" and the video is being directed by Ray Kay (director for The Dream's "Rockin That Thang" video)..

The debut single features Lil Jon...here's a photo of the girl group, featuring Ray Kay, Lil Jon and even Eve..as their video was shot this past weekend in Los Angeles..

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