Friday, September 12, 2008

Bust It Baby of the Month-September 2008-Brianna Amor

"I love them hoes, love them hoes, love them hoes"-Eamon
Does anyone remember him?
Oh, well let me be nice to those I don't know and not create labels on them. "Do unto others..."
I chose Brianna Amor as the Bust It Baby of the month maybe because she looks...real. Photos from her myspace page, not all of them are sickeningly airbrushed and I actually have the idea that I can reach out and..touch her...

...Now wouldn't some say that would be nice....
Now even though those photos are more of the..err..professional type..I still find her admirable.
Her resume certainly doesn't look half bad either for starters:
T.I “Big Shit Poppin”
T-pain “Bartender”
XXL Mag August Issue
Hip Hop Weekly Oct issue
TheSource Mag April Issue “Digital DimePeice”
Sweets, Mag Out in Stores now!!
Straight Stuntin
Boston's Vixens
Dvd Appearances: The All Acess DVD (Volume 15)
SugaBabys All Acess (Angel on the Cover)
You can't be mad at that..
And with the..umm..home photos, it makes 34-26-40 a lot more..err, tangible..

Looks like a pose I would choose......

I hope that was enough skin to satisfy even the blind...
{source, bitches}

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