Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jesikah Fitness Continues

I'm still trucking forward...
The goal is to lose either 15lbs or 2 inches off of my waist by September 24th. I completely fell apart over Labor Day weekend (photos to be posted) with the West Indian Day parade and my BFF's birthday on Saturday, August 30th. Between lots of jerk chicken, hamburgers and wasn't the time to say to yourself "I will be skinny"(-Pink). In accordance with Rhonda Bryne's The Secret, you have to envision yourself at what you consider to be YOUR perfect weight and perfect body. Simultaneously, immerse yourself in visions and photos of what you consider to be perfect bodies..

Here's a new one to get familiar with, Brianna Amor....who will be crowned Bust It Baby of the Month-September 2008.
Until that post...I might as well post pictures of "perfect bodies". Will do, Rhonda.

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