Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear Body, I Currently Hate You

Things are so not going my way....
I'm not spoiled, I'll admit that..but I mean, sometimes it sucks when things are just not going your way.

New Jack Diction:
Hypoglycemia: Hypoglycemia, also called low blood sugar, occurs when your blood glucose (blood sugar) level drops too low to provide enough energy for your body's activities. Of all the organs in the body, the brain depends on sugar (which we are now going to refer to as glucose) almost exclusively. Rarely, if absolutely necessary, the brain will use ketones as a fuel source, but this is not preferred. The brain cannot make its own glucose and is 100% dependent on the rest of the body for its supply. If for some reason, the glucose level in the blood falls (or if the brain's requirements increase and demands are not met) there can be effects on the function of the brain.When the circulating level of blood glucose falls, the brain actually senses the drop. The brain then sends out messages that trigger a series of events, including changes in hormone and nervous system responses that are aimed at increasing blood glucose levels. Insulin secretion decreases and hormones that promote higher blood glucose levels, such as glucagon, cortisol, growth hormone and epinephrine, all increase. As mentioned above, there is a store in the liver of glycogen that can be converted to glucose rapidly.
Symptoms of hypoglycemia include
* hunger
* nervousness and shakiness
* perspiration
* dizziness or light-headedness
* sleepiness
* confusion
* difficulty speaking
* feeling anxious or weak
* feel tired, irritable, or confused when you wake up {source}
***Anything underlined means I'm experiencing that, and to an extreme

I'm a sufferer of this. Apparently, its getting way more severe and a lot of things are going to happen. My diet is going to change, I might be put on blood sugar medication to control all the symptoms and effects of it. Oh joy! Symptoms! My favorite part!

This is what I can't stand about being Hypoglycemic secondarily to food...the mood swings.
The drop in blood sugar results in an imbalance of brain chemicals, if you will, making me cry at a moments notice, to about to strangle someone the next. My particular mood swings as a resultant have been of irritability. I'm getting angrier a little more a lot more than usual. The frequency is so much higher and ...its bad.
I'm getting snappish, hard core with my co-workers, and within this irritability I just disrupted the golden road of joy The Significant and I have been on.
I take EVERYTHING to offense
I get frustrated with EVERYTHING
I'm QUICK with a snark comment...a lot more than usual and its litterally affecting my work and personal life.

...a big no-no....
(Did I mention my FUCKING AIM isn't working? I'm not sure if like this SITE it's being hacked too. Oh joy!!!!)
My latest appointment with a doctor will be later today. I'll be put on a severely restricted diet and probably receive one of those cool finger pricker blood number devices.
...I'm going to pretend I'm looking forward to stabbing...myself.
This process is so hard for me. I know that some of the horrible thoughts I'm thinking-ones especially affecting my self esteem HEAVILY aren't true thoughts. It's all about this chemical imbalance because I'm physically ill but the thoughts..are still there. I find myself comparing myself to people, quick to notice what I lack or what qualities about them physical as well as mental are better than mine. No matter how minor the comparison, I find a way to blow it out of proportion only further crashing my own self-esteem....

Not receiving'm here alone trying to figure out how to block hackers on my own. Not something I've ever been saavy at. I've finally seen where they've hit, and they're hacking me for monetary profit. I've tried reaching out to different people with hopes that someone could supply some aid to where its obvious to not be my strong point. Once again, it rings true "If you want something done, do it yourself". Similar to all the other things I've asked, so many different people for assistance with in reference to this site and I wound up sitting alone, unemployed, studying everything to make EVERYTHING that is seen here the work of my OWN hand and no one elses.
...I would love for someone to point out where they lent a hand...
Seeing that they've blocked, my readers from leaving comments, are reaping all monetary value from my blog, that too has had negative effects on my self-esteem.
Annoyed, sad, and beyond aggravated here's three cheers to extreme Hypoglycemia.
And by the way Body, I do currently hate you...

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