Friday, February 20, 2009

New Jack Update: The Sleep Demon

"I'm not dead.."Pink

..I think I directly relate to that statement as over this entire month I've done mass updates in single blocks as opposed to daily or even every other day even..and I've wanted to change that seriously but as my thyroid and body get weaker and my job gets HARDER there's been considerably less of The New Jack to go around.
Somthing I'm not proud of in the least. I've felt so inspired in the last week to devise a true vision board and have been so bogged down that starting one has become almost impossible.. I mean can I live???

Apparently not.

I went to my thyroid doctor again on Tuesday of this week..and I thnk its better to quote her: "Basically..we are at the stage where yor body feels that your thyroid is completely foreign and is essentially doing a damn good job of...killing it off "

Come again?
Killing.. "Yep thats why you're gaining more weight, more irritable and sleeping close to anywhere between 11-13 hours"

Uh-huh..brilliant. Thank you body for killing shit that you're NOT supposwd to but when it comes to the flu you just fall back like it's all good in the hood. GOOD JOB guys.

I've been sleeping more, writing less, my social life has been on pause all because I'm in bed at 8:30PM and up at 7:10AM and somehow still exhausted. I'm doing more blood tests in the week to come and trying out another new medication, here's to hoping something like more of my eyes open in the next weeks...
That of course, means more of what I should be doing...writing...

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