Friday, February 6, 2009

Tyra Mail! How to use Facebook to Grab a Job

" Use this social networking site to network your way to success!

ilovefashion5.jpgYou spend so much time on Facebook as it is, why not use it to get ahead in the career world? If you're looking for a career change -- barista to stylista, for example -- or just are in need of a better position (no more mail room for you!), you can turn to some of these helpful Facebook hints to get the ball rolling.

Read Like a Resume

Wipe your cyber-slate clean and start over. Remove those pictures from Cabo and include information about what makes you such a good candidate for a job. If the idea of becoming too clean cut -- even in cyberspace -- is a bit much, create a second profile just for the purposes of networking.

Make New Friends ... But Keep the Old

Providing you left on good terms, make friends with people from your past jobs. Maybe when you left your internship, they didn't have a job opening but they do now. Or perhaps an old company has expanded, or maybe someone just knows someone who might be able to help you. In any case, don't burn bridges!

Put it Out There
Update your Facebook status to include things like "looking for an editorial assistant position." Putting what you want out there can NEVER hurt, and doing this is a good start. This works especially well in an industry where freelancing and internships are often available in an under-the-radar type of way. Maybe that first magazine you worked for went defunct, but the former editorial assistant is head writer somewhere new and can get you some assignments. Who knew Facebook was for more than stalking -- er, checking up on -- your ex? " {source}

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