Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tyra Mail! Biggest Office DONT'S

" Which bad habits are keeping you from getting promoted?

It's clear that you're oh-so-talented -- both in and outside of the cubicle farm. You're always on time (usually five minutes early). Thanks to your fabulous fashion sense, you're consistently dressed to impress. And you're a networking machine when you run into uber-important execs at the water cooler. So what's keeping you from the promotion you deserve? No need to call Miss Cleo for some psychic insight into the head of your boss. We've got all the insight you need into the three little mistakes you didn't even realize you were making.

You talk like a ditz -- even though you aren't.
When you're gossiping with your gal pals, it's perfectly acceptable to talk, uh, you know, like, sooo like this. But at the office, you should cut down on the filler. It's, like, easy to let it happen. But to get ahead, you've got to talk with authority to convince your bosses that you're a super-strong woman who knows what she's talking about. Because you are -- and you do. You just might not, uh, sound like it.

You minimize your success -- even though you're amazing at what you do.
Remember when you were a wee one and someone would look at you and say, "You're so pretty." Chances are, in true cute little girl fashion, you would answer with a simple, "I know." And chances are, your mother told you that you should be modest and just say thank you instead. The corporate world doesn't work that way. You shouldn't downplay your strengths. Your boss may be too busy to see how hard you're working, so let her know. The next time you finish a project, shoot her an email and tell her you put a lot of time into it and you're incredibly proud of the outcome.

You don't take on responsibility -- even though you're capable.
It's normal to be afraid of failure. But is that caution keeping you from showing your boss how talented you are? Playing it safe might prevent you from taking difficult assignments which, when you absolutely rock them, will show higher-ups how promo-worthy you really are. Sure, it might feel scary, but we're confident in you!"


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