Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Moving doll parts

The Baby Doll hasn't moved at all today. Since initially writing my post this morning, I've truly cried, slept and ate all day long. I really hate being so wretchedly vulnerable. I get the feeling that everyone reads this thing and looks at me like a complete fag. Looks at me as if I have no spine, no backbone. Like a lot of people, when sad I eat... a lot. At this rate, I'm complete kissing my casting with Royal Blue Dimes away on Friday night. I'm very aware of what I've been putting in my mouth and the RATE in which I've been consuming them. Yet still, that was the only thing I had energy to do today. That still took a toll on me effort wise. I mean, if something happened to me, how would one know? How soon do you think you'd know? What if there wasn't anything that you could do to stop this something from happening to me, how would you cope?

I guess in providing some positive news, I was contacted by a photographer to do some shots. It should be TFCD terms. Hopefully, I will have some way of GETTING to him, to actually do the shoot. Its not like I don't need the photos...
In all this, I still can't pull myself to move in my fits of sadness, let alone frigging come closer to the treadmill in my house. I mean, for christ sakes, its next to a 50 inch television, it shouldn't be that hard right? Yet, I can't make it there.

I'm looking at this Dunkin Donuts commercial...and fuck me sideways, I really could spare a kidney for a white hot chocolate and 2 muffins-one pumpkin and one blueberry. *sigh*
I'm watching ANTM (America's Next Top Model) and trying to find some frigging inspiration. Here's the winners and the blank of course is for this cycle, 9:
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In the order of the photo:
  • Yoanna-cycle 2
  • Adrianne-cycle 1
  • Danielle-cycle 6
  • Caridee-cycle 7
  • Naima-cycle 4
  • Eva-cycle 3
  • Nicole-cycle 5
  • Jaslene-cycle 9

They did a cool shot in the desert, "A Model Wasteland", it's fierce. There's a burning car, a whole bunch of over the top extra-ness. I mean, it is produced by Tyra and Benny Medina.

I just need something good to just fall outta the sky....before I totally fall outta my head....

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