Monday, November 19, 2007

Building my Lego castle

So far, so good.......

Well, it's a mix of snow and rain outside which doesn't bode well for a photoshoot in Central Park in near nothing. The Photographer-Saswat called around 9:45 this morning after receiving my e-mail about the weather. We're still aiming to get these 3 outfit shots done within the next two days.

HELLO BROOKLYN-quote Lil Wayne...I'm indeed officially here. I arrived around 11 pm last night, sadly to have missed Kimora, Life in the Fab lane and Keeping up with the Kardashians. I'll be in Brooklyn until probably 645-7pm as I'll then be making my way to Atlantic Avenue station to take the LIRR to Hempstead to meet Mj. I really hope this 3outfit-shoot happens and I get some great pictures out of it. I didn't hustle this Brooklyn trip for nothing. I'll be highly pissed if I return to Suffolk County pictureless.

Here's the astro overview for today: 11/19:
Although the Moon remains in dreamy Pisces, its conjunction to electric Uranus helps us focus our concentration. But ultimately it's physical Mars that takes center stage today as it receives a tense square from loving Venus, stirring our impatience and prompting us to go after what we desire. Mars is supported by a trine from logical Mercury, so we'll be able to justify our behavior. All in all, it's a noisy day with a variety of planetary messages. (Lifescript)

And of course specifically, the Aries horoscope:
Aries (March 21 - April 19)You are driven to connect with your own energetic center today, whatever the social cost. You could find yourself flirting with the edges of acceptability, but may not be able to go far enough to make it all happen. Even if an attraction is strong, don't sacrifice your authenticity, for that is what's most important in the long run. (Lifescript)

I do feel extremely hyper today..I want to record, I want my photoshoot, I want my fan site already done as opposed to just being drafted with different designers, I feel very all over the place. I don't want to be in front of the computer right now, contemplating breakfast, I want to be doing something towards building what I'm trying to build. Something is odd about today, I feel like whatever I'm trying to build that I'm not going to let anyone pluck my little Lego pieces off to build their own shit. Note when we were children, we were cruel and had no regards and if we needed one more Lego we'd gladly pluck that shit off the person next us and finish our masterpiece. This usually ended in a fight or time out session because the person the original Lego was stolen from was in despair. No one is taking my damn Legos today.
If I could just start building something right NOW!

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