Sunday, November 18, 2007

Take My Picture

Does anyone remember this one-hit wonder group, Filter and their one hit song, Take My Picture?

Well, we might have a good shaping for tomorrow, Monday, November 19th. I was contacted for a free 2 hour photo shoot. It is TFP( Time For Pictures)/TFCD (Time For Compact Disk). I'm NOT mad. The guy needs the shots, I need the shots. He gets my time and photos, I leave with my pictures for my portfolio. Both camps will be satisfied. THIS SHIT better go according to plan.
Sorry for that outburst, I think that with the random derailments of my life story off the tracks in the last month and a half I'm entitled to scream out that this shit better go according to plan. Nothing has in almost two months. My plan is this. I'm trying to get Mj to drive me to Brooklyn after a ball game tonight, where I will spend the next 2 nights in Canarsie at my grandmother's house. Monday will be the shoot in Central Park from 1-3pm. Tuesday, I am attempting to reschedule any Manhattan job interviews for that day so I can come into Manhattan from Brooklyn for $2 friggin bucks. IF and after the Tuesday interviews, I'll return to Canarsie to pack my things and take the railroad from Atlantic Avenue to Hempstead railroad where Mj will pick me up and we'll go to his Tuesday night game in Bethpage directly from there. Notice how NICELY my plan is set up..PLEASE Christ, let this shit fly for me. Also, if I'm in Brooklyn on Tuesday, I should be able to swing by the studio and grab my completed shots.

I'm in a struggle as to what to bring for this shoot. He wants 3 outfits and we'll do all those shots within 2 hours. More importantly, since it's outside, what is the HIGH in Manhattan going to be tomorrow...Good Lord..burrrrr.
Well for anyone as curious as myself: Courtesy of Manhattan: 10010: Cloudy with showers. Snow may mix in early. High 41F. Winds NE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Well that's FAR from comforting, especially me that wasn't exactly packing things called "clothing". I have 2 J. Lo inspired "floppy" hats that I've always wanted to do a shoot with. Maybe I'll have to invest in some jeans as part of one of these shoots cause "Snow mix" according to doesn't exactly equal bikini...
Nevertheless, on ANTM (America's Next Top Model) Tyra, Mr. and Mrs. Jay insist that swimwear shots are done in the winter and winter shots are done in the summer. Interesting enough, I did see some shots in recent Allure ( and Glamour ( mags of fur coats in the desert. Ouch.

I need Mj to wake up...and text me back. Even though my fiend of a text message was sent at 8:24 am..yeah, I can picture the eyebrow raise at the time when he sees that one.

Well....wish me luck.....where the fuck are the fake eyelashes....

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