Monday, November 26, 2007

Signs on the Horizon

Maybe, just maybe...I feel like somethings are possibly just within my reach....

I was contacted today by Royal Blue Dimes, they noted that I wasn't there 2 Fridays ago at Fashion40 and have sent me a request to appear at another casting being held in a more private setting, this Friday on 26th street between 5th and 6th. SO maybe, this is a sign that I really have to haul ass and can't let any noise into my brain and really make myself present at this casting.

I've been contacted by 2 new photographers and 2 designers: Done Son Clothing ( and Self Customs ( that all want to meet with me. Self Customs is from London! Maybe the sudden jump in request is a sign that I should keep at this thing and not get so down and out about the lack of revenues thus far.

In not so poppin news, I did visit my granduncle who has cancer yesterday. I've never seen someone who is supposed to be so sick, have THE MOST LIFE than anyone who is 115% healthy. I was so unbelievably happy to see him. That man never ever fails to put a smile on my face, and to look at him and know how sick he is and see him possess that much LIFE it was inspiring. He has chemo today, and he's carrying with his life just as he was before he was diagnosed. It makes you feel like maybe all the struggle you're going through is worth it because someone in a worse struggle is HAPPIER than you are. Living their life, more than you are.....

Also in not so fierce news, my significant has been locked up since Saturday night. I was the first phone call he made, and Cam his cousin was the second he was allowed to make. Both Cam and I missed his phone calls so he left us voicemails, WITHOUT telling me where in New York State he could possibly be locked up at so I could GO to him. I was calling his cell phone since early Sunday afternoon with no answer and had the GUT FEELING something was wrong. I didn't dismiss my calls not getting answered as: no service;he's sleeping; he's at a ball game etc. I just felt it in my gut something was wrong. Maybe and hour and a half after my last call to his cell phone, he was permitted to make his first call and I naturally was away from my phone when needed most and missed his call. Which OF COURSE came from the police station, so it showed up on my phone as "unavailable" not allowing me to call back and find out which precinct he was at. He got home safely last night, and stressed that he would like me to be in Manhattan this afternoon to meet him immediately as he got off work so he can be with me and explain everything. Due to him working in retail, I haven't seen the boy since Wednesday.....

I feel good this morning, I HOPE the feeling lasts...and it should be in my agenda to clean this insane bedroom of mine, contact the two photographers as I have already contacted the designers, and then hopefully with my wallet's permission to afford the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) I should be heading into Manhattan to meet the significant.

I feel slightly refreshed...and a tad bit inspired, can we hope this little bit goes a long way?

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