Friday, November 16, 2007

A Nickel's Stream of Conciousness

I didn't go to my casting tonight at Fashion 40 for the Royal Blue Dimes. Actually, after an eventful day fighting with my significant other, I'm feeling quite far from a 10.

My eyes are swollen and my right eye is throbbing from a combination of incessant crying and an infected Acuvue lens. My nose is burning from constantly blowing it, and if I'm lucky it won't peel.
My hair is frizzing just in the FRONT along my hair line, where as the rest is bone straight. I have a glass of Merlot to my right, and Girls Next Door is on my TV where Kendra is flashing the Parliament. Holly is pestering Hef about getting married...she looks very old.

My homegirl is calling me about weed, meanwhile me and another homegirl of mine, Iman are not speaking to each other. I'd like a pair of $30 yellow boots I saw, in a size 8. I want to meet Hugh Hefner. I truly wish I was Kim Kardashian...with a better sounding voice.

I'm tired of fighting with the UNIVERSE. I just want this retrograde to please go smoothly because I just don't want to FIGHT anymore.

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