Wednesday, January 9, 2008

$100 per Hour

I feel like I'm getting scammed...
The company seemed taken aback by my education on this industry.

Apparently, they have hundreds of girls just signing papers and taking the money and running with it. Do I have serious bills and debt to handle? Yes very much so. Am I selling my soul to the Devil for a couple hundred dollars and nude pictures of me pop up in 3 years. Fuck no. The consultant and I had about an hour long conversation this morning after him receiving my photos in the mail last night. He is very excited and as am I, but if you make $8,000 off of me being naked, am I only supposed to receive $300 and no rights to the photos or royalties off your profits? I don't think so.

It's very, very sad to me that so many women my age and slightly younger are just TOSSING their bodies at the Industry with NO promise for a future. Signing things without reading, taking their tops for additional money, not inquiring about their rights to the photos, distribution and royalties etc. It's so hard. Do women not realize that we ARE the power holders? Without OUR bodies and willingness to comply there will be no "Eye Candy" market? Men will ALWAYS want to look at women, but if we ALL were start dressing in garbage bags, NO ONE will profit. Magazines, Men, Everyone profits when WE profit FIRST. We ARE the product. I intend to still meet with the consultant while being accompanied by The Significant. I will not be scammed because they STRONGLY believe that all women under the age of 25 are uneducated and will leap for the opportunity to get paid to take their tops off.

Currently, you're damn right I would die for $100 per hour, but with how famous I will be in the future, and my DIGNITY that $100 is seeming like real change these days.....

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