Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gossip Girl 3

It's been awhile since I've informed you of the life of life isn't the only life that matters..well...nevermind...

La Lohan:
I hate the blonde hair, I prefer her as I fell in love with her, a firecrotch.
She just went from this:
(Image:Gossip Girls)
To this:
(Image:Gossip Girls)
I'm not mad..It's only a wig, but I'm not mad about it..

The Kardashian..
She is 6 years older then this boy, but I think they look adorable together..current rumor is earlier this week she was sported with a 7-karat diamond. These photos are from New Years at his mansion:

(Images:Gossip Girls)
Can we say banging ass dress?
Also, if you're in the land of the living you know Xtina had her baby over the weekend. She finally named him, Max Liron Bratman. Please look like your'll be so hot...

(Images:Gossip Girls)

Maybe more later in the day?

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