Monday, January 7, 2008

Just Like Swimming

LibraDreamer: ur blog is a trip....really Dee sex n mcdonalds...u gotta eat that stuff AFTER u pop one not b4 like eating b4 u go swimming
New Jack: LMAO, I can't swim!

Maybe, it is just like swimming, with the goal being keeping your head above water....

Someone I know wants to break The Significant and I apart. Yes, it is well understood to me that the entire year of 2007 was extremely drama filled for our relationship. It did appear to the general public that we did more fighting than anything. For someone to say though, "I'm tired of them being together..we need to break them up..." is totally different. You say "I'm tired" in reference to making a switch from Wendy's to Mcdonalds. Not that just because you're "tired" of seeing two people TOGETHER that somehow you were given the divine right to separate the two people.

This is me trying to keep my head above water, and not shank bitches....

I know what I'm about, I know what I had planned to fix during 2008. This IS a test of my patience and control. I can find where you live and shank you. I'm on probation until October, do NOT let me violate it. I know what I am physically capable of. Do NOT underestimate my cuteness.
I am Jamaican and I was raised in Brooklyn, I EXCEL in wielding a machete.

I feel no need to TALK about shanking you because I will BE about shanking your bitch ass. People continuously expect that I cannot cause them physical damage because I look like a "cute girl". I'm not a girl, I am a woman and I will cut you if you piss me off. Ask the ex that was stabbed in the thigh with a pen.

I'm a very nice girl. Just do NOT manipulate my trust...that will above everything get you shanked quicker than you think.

The End.


Jax Poetic said...

.....and icicles to the iris

Leah said...

Yo, I feel u on the cuteness thing...the cuter u are, the more underhandedness you're capable of without people expecting it. Combine that w/natural ethnic/cultural tendencies, you're a ticking time bomb. Like u said, ur on probation right now so u gotta hold that side down for a bit. For time being hand me that machete. I'll do it for u >_>, <_<. Jacki will b my accomplice....