Sunday, January 20, 2008

In the Hood Crowd it better to not fit in?

Being at The Significant's cousin's (Cameron's) game last night, I was extremely observant of several things.
  1. The Significant's ex girlfriend and her family was present...and they are Grade A Hoodrats
  2. Many supporters of Cam and The Significant are classified as "Hoodrats"
  3. I am judged in detail by the way I dress, and secondarily by the way I carry myself
  4. Possessing "class" is not a positive amongst those who represent the "hood", you will be classified as "Bourgeois"
  5. If a classy person is caught dating someone of the "hood", the classy person will be judged extensively and the other representatives will be sure to verbally make it known of their "lack of placement"

It was disheartening being at the game last night. The stares, the comments...and this is not the FIRST I've endured this dating a representative of the "hood". Upon meeting me, two of The Significant's cousins made it a point to let him know I was "out of your league", simply by analyzing me in a rabbit-fur coat and boots. This is not the FIRST time The Significant has been ushered to break up with me on the account of being "one of those Suffolk county know they got mad money can't ride that out forever".

It's hurtful to know that possessing class can some how be turned into a negative attribute.
I'm trying to remind myself constantly of the goals I have set up of 2008. I have a phone date with who could possibly be my talent manager.

I'm trying to make positive changes...don't punish me for being classy.

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Libradreamer925 said...

Maybe he's looking for someone to upgrade him.