Friday, January 4, 2008

Coco Chanel

This is how I've spent my morning thus far:
I cannot wait until I have a job.....
I want some Chanel glasses. I'm over my Prada ones.

I should be having a phone date with Pleasure Magazine today. I really hope they get serious and pick my black ass. Especially if I got a cover? Now that would be wild. We missed our phone date yesterday so I made it known via e-mail that I will be available to talk during the day today (God help my Verizon wireless bill) and that I really want them to contact me. I feel like Urban Curves will get back to me when they're ready, if they're ever going to be ready. I more feel the desire to chase Pleasure and BlackBoxxx. BlackBoxxx especially because I would like to write for them as well.

I had a near stroke yesterday afternoon.
I figured, it's the New Year and I'm feeling great, let me completely change my template entirely to SPICE up the lives of my readers. Ummm, maybe not so much. If you were on around 1 in the afternoon yesterday you should have loaded a "rich text" document which was calling itself "The New Jack". It was disgusting.
Frantic, the stress induced a piercing headache as I struggled to turn everything back around to its original form. Thank God I backed up my template. I feel like as much as I want to SPICE things up, I will be leaving that to a PROFESSIONAL friend to tweak. I do want to add some new FIERCENESS to the site, but that will evidently happen in due time kids.

Not with The New Jack tinkering around.

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