Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back of My Lac

I haven't been able to organize all my thoughts to write correctly. I've been under so much stress and pressure that it is all clear in my head but the minute I try to write it comes out all unorganized. This has been my remedy:

J. Holiday.
Now I love to look at him, as do most women but I had no idea that his music would be so soothing. Or that he would be so much of a hood rat, but to each his own.
The situations of my life are all compiling together and I truly have a feeling like I'm going to snap. The thing is me "snapping" can't possibly be a good thing. More New Jack math:
Snap=violation of probation.
Violation of probation+New Jack=Jail

For the DIRECT people that are stressing me out. Please, please enjoy yourself as much as possible. I simply ask that you make sure you cannot be found on October 30th, 2008 when I am officially cleared. If you are found, and I'm still this stressed, your face will be your Halloween costume.

For anyone that doesn't know, The New Jack is Jamaican and a ganja smoker. Cigarettes never. Chronic, something else. I'm obviously NOT allowed to smoke, and nor have I since September 29th of 2007 days before my arrest. I posted the best of J. Holiday's album for you and I REALLY,REALLY think you should take a listen.
If you want the entire album....

Really, if you need to just slow down..and maybe smoke a blunt..this is something really nice to listen to while smoking alone.
ESPECIALLY "Laa Laa". Man, the day AFTER my shit is over, I intend to sit right next to my BFF Linette and smoke like a billion to this song with her and probably Deanna. Back of My Lac and Thug Commandments are two others I really, really like. I'll be smoking to those too. Out my favorites list I can't really say there is one song I don't like or couldn't listen to twice-that's just me. My BFF has definitely been trying to keep me calm...keeping me under the umbrella. We've both been trying to control something for the other. She's trying to keep me from flipping and I'm trying to get her to slow down her life. At least, slowing her down some is working. I hope her part for me kicks in SOON. She knows if it happens, I'll catch a charge, straight up 5-0 taking me out the door.

"Be With Me" was J's first single. A lot of people didn't know about this track, they just HOPPED on "Bed". I was OBSESSED with "Be With Me" when it first dropped LONG before "Bed" and I remember being very fearful that "Be With Me" wasn't going to be the smash that "Bed" became and that I was never going to hear from this kid again. The next thing I know, everyone I know is trying to put someone's ass to "bed-bed-bed".

So maybe at the end of October...I'll be in the Back of My Sentra and this situation will be put to Bed.

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Jax Poetic said...

i feel like i've been outta the loop forever & its only been a few days! YOU know what needs to be done. will power