Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Ok, after reading an article in AARP magazine I am indeed going to get very caveman-like about my actions. The jist of the article was to explain that the reason why several Americans are depressed is because of how they LIVE their lives. Antidepressants do not work people. I hate to say it knowing so many friends of mine use them, are good for awhile and then go right back. People are profiting off of you, thats for sure.
There is an excellent program being devised called TLC. Therapeutic Lifestyle Change. This program involves NO fake ass drugs but is 14 weeks of intensive therapy with PROVEN depression fighting aids. Bright light exposure, aerobic exercise, replacement of rumination and omega-3 intake are just some of the things that support the program. Its already been proven to WORK 76.6% more than antidepressants have in which most antidepressant medsd just STOP working after the body becomes adapted to it. Part of the program involves slightly going Paleolithic.
Cave men and everyone prior to World War 2 has not suffered from depression the way that 20 million now ARE. I'm going to take up in this TLC from reading the article, not because I am depressed but to help aid keeping it at bay since people in my life see it fit to be the CAUSE of these things.
For example, the fight with The Significant this very morning..

New Jack (7:33:50 AM): where are you
The Significant (7:36:29 AM): good morning to u on my way to work. thanx for fallin asleep after u was allegedly supposed to call me back. so I slept n my car again last nite
New Jack (7:38:34 AM): why didnt you call me then Matthew
New Jack (7:39:27 AM): ok the point of this was for me to check on you and see if you were ok, you said you're going to work but i see that you're already taking shit out on me
The Significant (7:39:42 AM): didn't I make it clear that I wasn't goin to wake u up once we got off tha phone
New Jack (7:39:53 AM): then that was YOU being stubborn when i told you that you could call me and wake me if i did fall out
New Jack (7:40:01 AM): but ok i wanted to check on you
New Jack (7:40:14 AM): i see you're giving me the sarcasm and attitude already and its 7 in the morning
New Jack (7:40:21 AM): and im trying to see if you were ok..
The Significant (7:40:36 AM): im nottakin n e thing out on u. u said u was goin to call me n u fell asleep
New Jack (7:40:56 AM): and you didnt CALL ME when i told you it doesnt matter you can, and wake me cause if i had a power nap i couldve drove and GOT you
The Significant (7:41:16 AM): stop ASSUMING that I have an attitude. u want tha truth n that's what u are getting rite now
New Jack (7:41:51 AM): when you want me and my help that ive repeatedly tried to offer let me know
The Significant (7:42:37 AM): no I wasn't goin to wake u cause it wouldn't be fair n I didn't have ne money for a train
New Jack (7:43:13 AM): what money for what TRAIN i said i was going to DRIVE to nassau and come get you and u coulda got on a train from deer park
The Significant (7:44:09 AM): I still don't have n e money for tha train
The Significant (7:44:16 AM): that's y I didn't call u
New Jack (7:44:44 AM): MATTHEW if you needed me to drive you BACK to hempstead at dawn for you to catch a bus to a train, i would have
New Jack (7:44:48 AM): im mad worried about you
The Significant (7:45:33 AM): its nuttin to be worried bout im fine...
New Jack (7:45:27 AM): you know what....ok fine....
New Jack (7:45:54 AM): cause im trying so hard and im concerned and you want to do that whole thing about you being fine when someone is geniuinely concerned and offering help
New Jack (7:46:07 AM): but ok i cant force my help or concern on anyone
The Significant (7:46:28 AM): thank u
New Jack (7:46:24 AM): if u want help from me you'll contact me
New Jack (7:46:36 AM): cause its too apparent that you DONT want me to help you
New Jack (7:47:31 AM): why are you telling me thank you, are you glad im leaving you alone
The Significant (7:48:08 AM): I never said I was glad
The Significant (7:48:59 AM): as long I can wake up n breathe everyday even though I did sleep n my car theres nuttin to be worried bout
New Jack (7:49:03 AM): ok matt.....
New Jack (7:49:24 AM): have it your way
New Jack (7:49:35 AM): dont say i never tried to help and that i didnt care
New Jack (7:49:44 AM): when you turn around later and say that no one gives a fuck about you
New Jack (7:50:01 AM): dont dare throw my name into that pool
New Jack (7:50:23 AM): i'll ttyl when you decide you want to contact me
The Significant (7:50:54 AM): whaever
New Jack (7:53:57 AM): dont tell me whatever
New Jack (7:54:05 AM): for trying to be your girlfriend and help you
New Jack (7:54:26 AM): cause all you do is repeatedly try and show me that you dont want a girlfriend
New Jack (7:54:34 AM): and you dont want me to do anything that involves helping you
New Jack (7:55:20 AM): and if you dont want my help and you dont want me you can make that CLEAR if thats what you want but dont drop hints when you're the one in trouble and im trying to help
New Jack (7:55:55 AM): but be stubborn, dont talk to me if thats what you're doing and live in your car if thats what you think is the right thing to do
The Significant (7:56:12 AM): what can u do to help me avoid situations that I have in my house
The Significant (7:56:31 AM): then what tha fuck do u want me to do
New Jack (7:56:20 AM): i try a hundred times to tell you how to handle yourself and how to calm yourself down and you never want to listen
New Jack (7:56:45 AM): you dont pay RENT stop disrespecting people in THEIR house, you did it anyway, and i was willing to come GET you so you couldve had a BED to sleep in
New Jack (7:56:48 AM): i have CAR
New Jack (7:56:56 AM): and i was willing to come get you and take care of you
New Jack (7:57:00 AM): YOU do not want me
New Jack (7:57:07 AM): YOU do not want my help
The Significant (7:57:39 AM): is that what u wanna hear
New Jack (7:57:28 AM): YOU do not want my advice or anything else ive TRIED to provide for you seeing that you're in a BIND
The Significant (7:57:52 AM): u wanna hear me say I don't want u
New Jack (7:57:53 AM): and im tired of the hints being dropped when all i want is to see you ok
New Jack (7:58:02 AM): im worried and concerned
New Jack (7:58:11 AM): and yet still im pushed away
New Jack (7:58:18 AM): i want to help and im pushed away
New Jack (7:59:54 AM): you can decide if u want me and my help, and maybe i'll be around cause you're basically tellin me fuck you, thats what im hearing...its cool Mj
I signed off immediately after my last statement and proceeded to get ready for work. I refuse to be late and entertain stubborn stupidity.
Maybe this retardation that seems so SUDDEN wont turn around until next week when Mars finally comes out of retrograde and Aries worldwide can seemingly get back on the pathway:
1/30/2008 cannot come soon enough on that note...
Something has definitely shifted and we may feel as if we are ready to move into the next phase of our lives. Unfortunately if our plans are delayed, we could be running short on patience. The proud Leo Moon probably won't let us consider defeat and we are easily tempted to take risky action as the intensity builds. However, we are likely to remain caught in the cosmic crosscurrents and are unable to get traction until Mars turns direct next week.
If you are having relationship problems, they probably won't diminish the intensity of your current attraction. Trouble develops when emotional or geographical distance raises issues of fear. Going into a self-protective posture isn't the answer. Overcome your resistance and open your heart to the mysteries.
I'm going Paleolithic for real...

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