Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wamu Stats

I want people to know I'm on my shit for 008....I'm on my shit...

Random tidbits first...
  • I think Beanie is so cute :)
  • Where the hell is Pleasure Magazine? The Myspace profile has been deleted and I've been meaning to inquire what the hell is going on..
  • I had a stomach virus: (1/24/08-1/25/08), R.I.P. he/she/it will be truly, truly missed for the ab definition it provided me. I truly had a Ciara-like stomach yesterday and it was everything fabulous to me. "You are so beautiful, to me. Can't you see? You're everything I hoped for. You're everything I need. You are so beautiful, to me". -Joe Cocker.
  • Did you know, that if a child uses crayons on your furniture, MAYONNAISE will get it out? I'm sure you didnt know that rubbing MUSTARD on your chest will (in a gross way) alleviate your cold....JaxPoetic Blogspot has put me on to some banging links...FOOD!
  • My eyebrows are growing into Oscar the Grouch status, my weave needs to be either 1. removed or 2. replaced after only having it for FOUR weeks, my nails are broken, and I want to buy lotion..these things will be FIXED on Friday, February 1st 2008 when The New Jack gets a paycheck!
  • Is it that I really could squeeze a photoshoot in on 2/1/08? Maybe 2/2/08?

Okay, more importantly, the real Wamu stats...
Niggas need to understand I'm on my 008 shit...

We're looking at 2 paychecks of a combined 48 hours. With this check, the following will be done:
  • $125-Verizon Wireless
  • $125-Pending civil suit
  • $50-Brand new Wamu Savings Account created yesterday
  • $25-Needs: lotion, face wash etc.
  • $45-lowest possible cost of hair correction
  • $5-eyebrows
  • $5-$20-nail correction
  • $10-$30-transportation on LIRR/MTA to get all the following done that Friday

Balance-Wamu checking account to SIT there and not be spent frivolously
credit!-Tax return Bond Staffing Group-added to Wamu checking
credit!-Tax return Axion LLC-added to Wamu checking

Ugh I'm good I'm disgusting myself....

1 comment:

Leah said...

Glad to see things are looking up for can u rub some of that off on me lol. I'm feelin u on the weave and nails shit. I'm wondering how the hell am I gonna do another weave and I'm dying to get my nails did.

p.s. No matter how good ur body looked after ur illness (and ur body already looks good), it ain't good. Glad ur feeling better too.