Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pleasure and Court TV

Astro Overview:
This year starts with determined Mars facing the planet of personal transformation, Pluto. According to master astrologer Jeff Jawer, "Now more then ever you are motivated to make changes that will stick." Now's the time to gather every possible resource and set out on the road to a new year ... and new you.
Although the holiday storms may already be receding into the past, all is not yet back to normal. The emotional intensity of the Mars-Pluto opposition will likely linger for days, but we can also see more possibilities as the energy continues to clear. The passionate Scorpio Moon encourages us to fight for what we want while tension between logical Mercury and stern Saturn suggests that a more cautious approach would be wiser at this time. (Lifescript)

I am trying to keep my head screwed on straight. The Significant and I did spend the rest of New Years night asleep on a BOX SPRING...the combination of intoxication and exhaustion is a bitch.
I heard from Pleasure Magazine last night...(current possibilities: Pleasure, Urban Curves, BlackBoxxx) Here is their first issue ever and cover girl, Latoya Alexander:

But earlier speaking of intoxication....
Last night I spent the night with the Snitches...and we definitely had one of the funniest sober nights of my whole life.
Court TV, now renamed TruTv, officially gets kudos from The New Jack. If you're having a bad day, PLEASE turn to TruTv and watch the footage of FIGHTS. Everything from plain old Dominicans fighting in Washington Heights, to riots in Israel to Black girls stealing a White woman's winning lottery ticket. I was truly sick last night from incessant laughter. Here's a car crash into a DMV:

I'm desperately trying to find the stolen lottery ticket footage as well as the riots overseas. That's COMEDY.
New Years photos below if you didn't already investigate...
I need to get on the treadmill so I can inch my way over to Miss Alexander...

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Leah said...

Don't exercise too much else u gonna lose them curves chica...aiight that was a really retarded statement lol.