Monday, January 7, 2008

Useful Information

"Time+Passion+Commitment=Success" (
Makes sense right?
Ok, now this is something I've adapted for the New Year and if you've been reading my changes for the 2008 are things I am very focused about making PERMANENT. I'm not changing them solely for the hell of "New Years Resolutions"

Here's some information relevant for BOTH you and I:

Everyone and their mama knows that The New Jack is currently UNEMPLOYED. Money has been the problem child of my 2007. It's the new year and all the companies have fresh budgets. Even though our job market SUCKS and unemployment is up from 4.7 to a solid 5% you and I BOTH shouldn't get discouraged. A quick Yahoo! article might make you think about things.

Everyone who does anything remotely developmental to the web wants to do things either faster or less stress involved. Smashing Magazine has dedicated themselves in little "How to do..", tutorials, icons, graphics, Photoshop information, you name it. It really is like their slogan: "We smash you with the information that will make your life easier, really" So if you're struggling with something and almost deleted your entire project by accident a la New Jack last week, don't induce a near stroke like I did...Just go to Smashing Magazine please.

End of Winter clearance:
I feel like you already are aware that the holidays are over. Even though Wednesday was 15 degrees in New York with a wind chill of 5, the stores are quickly slapping clearance tags on everything known to MAN and offering flip flops, cargo shorts and summer dresses in JANUARY. I will continue to don my rabbit fur coat but you might as well shop for my unemployed ass. Alloy has some OK things, but a great array of last year's summer shoes on clearance and I might just put my Wamu account into a negative buying a couple pairs. Use the code: AEX to get free shipping on an order over $75. Sorry that's all I got for you for free shipping. And! The catch is that this clearance is over in 3 days. So before its over, knock yourself out at

Boredom/Jealousy/Masturbation/Gym Inspiration:
Remember these photos?

Yes you do..
Go peek for yourself at: and their Myspace page.

Hope this helped your day some!

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