Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Years Resolutions and Fossil Imprints

As posted in a comment to the JaxPoetic Blogspot, I've been working on my New Years resolutions..
These resolutions have been drafted with the help of my Significant, Maurice and some in depth thought over the last couple weeks. I don't want them to just be New Years resolutions that I uphold for a month, and then fall off. (Like people who typically VOW to lose weight for the New Year)

Fun Fact: 73% of American Women vow as the major New Years resolution to lose weight. More than half never do.

Thus far, Resolutions of the New Jack:
  • Deep inquiries, before making hard accusations (especially with The Significant and other friends-almost lost the Significant and Beanie for good over this)
  • Less assumptions
  • Shank less people (it may give you satisfaction but it hurts the person who got shanked by you-verbally or physically)
  • Resolve my trust issues-ESPECIALLY WITH MEN
  • Be more open hearted to women (many are intimidated by me, and maybe because of that it might just be fear and not all planned sabotage)
  • Not to be so obsessed with others thoughts of me (the quickest way to break a bitch down)
  • Work on my body not for my obsession, but for a possible career (If I'm gonna get paid, this shit has gotta be on point)
  • Keep my lil bro on the right path for his almost last yr of High School (after my digital camera being stolen by Latin Kings...yeah...we need to pick him some better friends)
  • Study the bible in more depth (I'm already pretty religious, and attend church QUITE regularly and there are things I'd truly like to understand a lot better)
  • MAKE MONEY and correct jail/debt/financial woes (shouldn't this have been higher on the list?)
  • Removing the male imprints left on me
  • MAKE 2008 GREAT!
I've realized that every person you date truly makes an impression or leaves an imprint on you. If an imprint has been made, its very hard to shake off in the next relationship or the relationship following that one. This was something I was explaining to Maurice yesterday to be AWARE as a man, what imprint he leaves on his current girlfriend. You can really fuck someone up for THEIR future because you wanted to be an asshole/retard. So many imprints have been left on me, and as my BFF can tell you, a vast number of them are NOT positive. I don't want to be defined by the imprints that another man has left on me, and I realize that since 2003 they have been defining my actions/thoughts/beliefs/wants etc in every relationship there after. I'm really going to make it a HUGE part of my resolutions to shake off these imprints. Things happen to us in life to teach us LESSONS, growing pains if you will...not to reconfigure and redefine who we are. I feel SO much better coming to that realization and it's something I want to work really hard on fixing.

No doubt I will, I'm about to be once fierce ass bitch for 2008.

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Jax Poetic said...

thaaats the Dee i know and love. Welcome back dear. I honestly hope 2008 is your year.