Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blue Magic

I'm sure by now, if you are in the land of the living you're aware that Hov is stepping down at the end of '07 from his position as President of Def Jam Records.

As was being discussed on New York's Hot 97, I do believe that Jermaine Dupri or L.A. Reid will be one of the shiest characters to claim the presidency. I have NOT heard fabulous things about L.A. Reid and how he treats his artists. gives a great article

I do believe that Jay is responsible for some people that whether you like them or not, is taking the music world by storm. Rihanna, Amy Winehouse and Ne-Yo for starters. It's scary to think of it sometimes that I have a degree in Music Industry and probably will not be ever able to use it. Universal made such a HUGE layoff. The Industry itself has done hundreds of layoffs this year.

Not really making me feel good about the future in terms of my job placement...
For you guys, a mini Hov playlist:

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