Friday, December 21, 2007


You bastards are quick, its only 8:27 a.m. and 11 people have monitored the blog...
Well applause to LibraDreamer again, she translated the dream I posted in DreamCloud. It's nice to have people like that around, deciphering things your ass wish you could, my primary thoughts of the dream were just: New Jack+Jail=Death.

Here's your astro overview:
General Daily Insight
An optimistic phase nears its end on this last day of the Sun's visit to uplifting Sagittarius. We are riding a cosmic tsunami as we move through tomorrow's Winter Solstice. Several planets oppose retrograde Mars over the next week, motivating us to act without forethought. A tense Venus-Mars sesquisquare highlights our unfulfilled desires while the Moon's entry into restless Gemini at 5:14 pm EST adds urgency to emotions that are already inflated.

And then the Aries Horoscope today:
You may not be able to shake an uneasy sense of free-floating anxiety today, even if everything seems in order. Buried feelings are coming to the surface, yet you may not be ready for them to be seen by everyone. Avoidance could work, but requires too much of your attention to make it a viable strategy.

Man this retrograde shit is really getting on my last nerves. People who have no clue about astrology need to understand, the last thing you want is: 1. A retrograde in Saturn AT ALL, worse so passing through your sign when doing so and 2. A retrograde directly in your sign.
This summer was VERY rough for me, and pretty much everyone around me since Saturn was in retrograde, worse so in the friends whose sign it affected. Now Aries key planet Mars is in retrograde which pretty much since the arrest my life has been on "retard". It intends to stay in "asshole" mode until January 30th.

Here is what is supposed to be a cute pic of my baby, Kim Kardashian...but has gone awry...

She was in Mexico with her sisters, and I would've loved to see the suit, but this is like..trying to be a fashionable Muslim wife?
By the way, I've finally seen pictures of her ex-husband, he's black, I'm sure you're shocked. He's also a music producer, more shock written on your face. He's also hideous. Hey, the woman married someone who appreciated the goodies, nothing wrong there..I don't think.

Every site known to man is hyping 2007 as the year of Soulja Boy and Rihanna. Even though I do feel like Rihanna didn't do nearly as much hood rich damage as Soulja Boy. SIDENOTE: The video for (Crank Dat) Batman is going to drop. Those boys: The Pop It Off Boyz have gotten a record deal, I BELIEVE (don't quote my black ass) that its through Universal. Here are behind the scenes to implanting the seeds of the south back into the minds of America:

My face hurts...The New Jack still has a cold...I just want to BREATHE...
Away from Fergalicious, the new Allure cover goes to were again, so shocked...

Yeah...I'm unemployed...and going to buy it...and you are TOO just because Rihanna is on the cover..
Being the owner of the current Glamour on newstands that I told you guys about (Carrie Underwood cover) It's been a good read thus far, I will comment on the REDUCTION of size of the magazine. Things like that do NOT make me who has spent $3._ _ at WalMart purchasing this magazine happy. The Marie Claire with Aguilera on the cover is even worse so, I want it so bad and every time I pick UP the magazine to see how thin it is I get upset.

As much as I've boycotted Cosmopolitan recently, I got a free copy (yeah I'm black and said it) of the December with Beyonce on the cover. This month, it was a good read, its kind of worth your money but if get it for free TAKE it.

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